Friday, July 7, 2017


Thursday we went to the doctor to get stitches out. The doctor who put them in told us he could get them out in 7-10 days. Thursday was day 10. Our doctor look at them and said it wasn't yet healed and we would have to wait until Monday. I told him that we leave Tuesday for our trip which included a cruise. We are praying that it will heal. I questioned the whole 10 days and he said that it usually is more like 2 weeks to heal. It is possible for cut to heal on someone who stays off it and take it easy, but we all know that Dylan doesn't take it easy. Our doctor also noticed that it was a really deep cut. Dylan was really sad because it meant no more swimming for even more days. He is certain that he will get them out on Monday. The doctor did take 1 of the stitches out...the one that looked the best, so he is down to 4 stitches.

4th of July

The morning of the 4th I got a call from my friend, Amber Smart--the one I did one of the half marathons with to see if we wanted to go on their boat with them. We were just going to hangout at the pool so we said yes. We met them and another family in the ward at the lake. Amber is in the boat that is in the water, not getting into the water.

We all went tubing. It was awesome and Dylan's foot was dry.

Aaron with Dylan and then Amber with her son, Adam. She is pregnant right now.

Dylan's face isn't is the cover over the boat which was red. The weather was actually really nice....for 4th of July in Texas. The water in the lake was really nice, but it was a little choppy.

We got home around 3. We had dinner and then did our own fireworks, well, poppers really. We had originally planned on seeing the fireworks that the city does at 9:45, but we were wiped out.

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

Home Depot

Saturday morning we went to Home Depot for a project. They had a bounce house. It rained that morning so we couldn't do yard work.

Later that day it had dried up so we went outside. Blake was bit by something. We have no idea what it was, but he was screaming in pain. He also threw up. We put ice on it. Blake looked at me at one point and said, "Mom, what else can we do? Can you say a prayer?"
We called poison control to see if we should be concerned  that it was a poisonous friend that attacked Blake. They weren't concerned. The kid didn't sleep well that night. Poor guy. The swelling did go down. I didn't get a great picture of it.
I was ready for the week to be done--these kids had a rough week.

Day at the Park

Friday morning we went to the park. We invited our playgroup, but everyone is out of town. We have had a lot of rain so the kids needed to get some energy out and they had a great time at the park.

That afternoon we went and saw "Cars 3". It was a fun movie. Amazing animation.

Basketball Camp

The boys finished their basketball camp. Dylan did just fine with the stitches while at camp. They learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

This is how Dylan's foot looked 3 days after. Looks so much better, but still a little swollen. Earlier that day we had Reese over to swim. We put a bag on his foot so Dylan could go in the pool.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Not a Fun Bike Ride

The boys have basketball camp this week. They get to be in the same class. They are in different groups, but it is at the same time and they can still be together for some of it, which is fun for them. I like the camp and they really like it. Yesterday I was able to get sooooo much done during that 2 hours. 

Our friends were supposed to come over after camp and swim, but something camp up, so we still swam. After dinner we went on a bike ride. Dylan got too close to a stone wall and it sliced his little foot. It was really deep. Blake and I were ahead of Aaron and Dylan. We knew he got hurt, but we didn't know it was that bad. Aaron yelled to us that he was taking Dylan home. Blake and I toke the long way home. We got to our house, but they weren't there, so we went to the park where we usually end the ride and they weren't there, so we were heading to where he got hurt and saw Aaron, but no Dylan. It happened right by the Neumann's house, so Aaron took him there to get a bandaide, but realized that he needed stitches. So, we rode our bikes home and then we drove over to the Neumann's and got Dylan and took him in. He ended up getting 5 stitches. The bad news--no swimming for 10 days. We had plans to go to a water park on Friday. Good news--the doctor said he can do basketball camp still. The only time this kid cried during the whole thing was when they had to stick a needle by his gash to numb it since the numbing cream didn't work. It was for about a minute, then he stopped. He was so tough. He was excited because they had a TV in the room and we don't have cable at our house so he loved watching some shows. 

He woke up this morning in pain (kid has a very high pain tolerance) so gave him some tylenol and  then we went to basketball camp. He was having a hard time walking. I told the coach about what happened and that if he complains that he is legit but that the doctor said he is fine to play. I said at the camp and did some work just in case he was miserable, but he did fine.  

Week of June 19

I didn't take make many pictures this week.

Blake had a robotics camp this week. He loved it! He learned a lot and well, Dylan and I got to hang out together and get stuff done.

Aaron went to Arkansas for a couple of days.

Wednesday morning the boys played at Reese's house while I met with Lana (Reese's mom) to talk about some scout stuff.

 Thursday--we went to the park and met up with our friends who moved away 2 years ago to Arizona, but are now back. Cheri is the mom. Sophie is the oldest girl. Dylan and Sophie went to preschool together at Shannon's house. Cheri is friends with my friend Robin who used to live here, who now lives in CA, but introduced me to Cheri. Robin and our family spent Christmas at Cheri's house a couple years ago.

I found out she was back (Although a different city) so we got together. It was fun to see them. She has had another kid who I got to finally meet. 

Saturday--we went to the Neumann's house for Ledger's birthday. He is now 2?!

He loves diggers. Cute cake!

Cambria with Ledger and Beckett.

This is one of the trucks we got Ledger. He is such a fun kid. It rained most of the day, but we were able to swim later in the day.

Kansas City trip Day 4

Saturday night we had a bad storm in KC. The power went out at the hotel at about 9pm and didn't come on until 5:15am. The rain and wind were crazy, but no hail. We ate breakfast and packed up, then headed to church. There was debris on some of the roads. We got to the church and  they told us that the power was still out in some of the building. The AC was the part that wasn't working and it was already hot so we had sacrament, a talk and then we were done. The ward was very friendly. We then changed our clothes, said goodbye to Adam, Becki, Mia, Zoey, and Sam and headed for home.

Um, Happy Father's Day. We gave Aaron a card that morning and his present was a membership for Deseret Book's  bookshelf plus. That guy loves to read.

Kansas City Trip Day 3

Friday night it rained a lot so it made for a muddy run Saturday morning. I even saw a deer on my run. Kansas City has hills just in case you didn't know. Good workout.

After breakfast we went to a fantastic park. I'm a huge fan of parks....can you tell? I found this one and it ended up going right along with pictures with huge items. It is called the Penguin Park. The ward building is close to this and so is the temple.

We decided to go to the park in the morning since it was going to be really hot that day. You don't ever get used to the heat, but it was very similar weather that we have in Texas, but nothing like the weather in Chicago. We were done at about 11 and decided to go get some Kansas BBQ in Independence. It was really tasty.

All the cousins on the huge kangaroo.

The BBQ place was about a mile from the visitors center in Independence.

Blake is working on an adventure for cub scouts so we made sure to take some pictures at a religious place.

We took the tour.

Isn't it tiny?

The pioneer area for kids to play in was fun. Our theme changed from pictures with huge things to things with tiny things.

We then went back to the hotel. Adam and gang rested while we went swimming in the pool at the hotel. We then went and hung out in the Adam/Becki hotel room and chatted some more.