Friday, January 12, 2018

Aaron's Birthday

Today is Aaron's birthday. The kids really wanted Aaron to open his presents before school/work. Aaron got some walkie talkies...for our ski trip and for our next cruise (we don't have one scheduled yet, but we all want to do another cruise sometime soon).

He got new slippers that the boys picked out.

And a led worklight and these super addicting peanut butter bites from my folks.

We are going out to dinner tonight for his birthday dinner and then we will have some yummy dessert at the house.

Oh, Blake lost a tooth Wednesday morning before school. He has one more that is ready to come out.

Basketball Practice

Sunday we started 1pm church. It is rough. We went on a walk before church and did FHE. 

Monday the kids had off so we went grocery shopping since I knew I would be working lots that week. We then came home and hung out. Aaron left for Arkansas. Tuesday the boys went back to school. That night we went to Dylan's practice. When it wasn't his turn...this picture shows what he was doing. Some kid. Then we went home and ate dinner then we went to church for our RS Activity because Cambria was speaking about fitness and Megan was talking about nutrition. The kids had fun playing in the gym. We got home about the same time Aaron got home. Aaron left the next morning for Utah. He got back Thursday night. He brought us back some BYU goodies. We then all went to Blake's basketball practice.


Saturday morning we went to Home Depot for a project since we haven't been able to go recently. It was one that they boys had already done, but they didn't mind. After lunch it was warm enough and we headed to the Heard. The wetlands were frozen in parts. We hadn't seen that before. It looks cool.

Aaron got a hydration pack from my parents for Christmas and he had given me one for my birthday. We tested them out on our hike. We hiked about 4 miles that day.

The huge oak tree that is over 250 years old.

Dylan was hangry so we had to pause and take a snack break. We then worked on a Nova project some more. We learned some cool stuff.

Dylan helped set the table for dinner that night and made the napkins fancy like a he says.

Perot Museum

Friday I took the boys to the Perot. Aaron had been back to work for a couple of days. Most school districts were back in school so it wasn't very busy.

We watched a cool demonstration on air pressure.

We worked on another Nova project while we were there. 

We came home and I cut their hair.

Park Day

Tuesday afternoon after the movies, we had the Neumann's over to play. We don't get to play too much with them anymore, so it was fun.

Wednesday we went to Ikea and Costco....then they wanted to go to the park so I took them. The weather was warmer.

We took their scooters and went for a long ride/walk (for me).

Still some ice.

Baby It's Cold Outside

We have a lot of friends who were in Idaho, Utah and CO over the break and they all said it was warmer where they were then it was in Texas. 

We stayed in and made lot of new yummy food and planned our ski trip more.

Tuesday I  took the boys to see Fernidad while Aaron saw Star Wars.

New Years Eve Snow

We got a tiny bit of snow in the morning. We were supposed to go over to our friends' house who just had a baby after church, but she had to reschedule. She is nuts--she had a baby and then less then 2 weeks later had knee surgery because she met her deductible with the delivery of her kid. She was in too much pain to have us over that night. They moved north a couple of cities.

Urban Air

Friday we went to Urban Air, which is a trampoline place to get some energy out. They had a good deal for 2.5 hours of jump time. I didn't think they would jump the whole time, but they did. They totally had a lot of energy in them. They had a lot of fun.

For dinner we had our friends the Schwarz over. They lived by us and then moved about 18 months ago to Iowa, then to Reno and then moved back here a couple days before Christmas. They are huge University of Utah fans. They have 2 girls. It was a lot of fun to have them over and catch up. We are so glad that they are back.

Getting Energy Out

The day after Christmas I went hit some of the after Christmas sales. Then I can home and got everyone, then we went to eat at Snug. They have breakfast and lunch there. It is really good and really reasonable. It is one of our favorite date places. The boys had never been, so we took them. Who doesn't love a place that serves breakfast at lunchtime? Then we went and saw the movie Coco. Cute movie!

The next day we went to the church and played basketball and football. It was so cold outside, but they had lots of energy.

We watched another movie at our house that afternoon after organizing their rooms.

More Christmas Pictures

Dylan really wanted a basketball and he got one.

The boys got a hexbug battlebot.

Blake got some new pants.

The kids were with us when we bought these after Thanksgiving, but I wrapped them and put them under the tree.

Blake got more books. It blew his mind that this set of books had its own case.

Aaron got a new steering wheel cover.

He also got a new CTR ring, clothes, a USB charger for his car, and a really cool BYU blanket.

Aaron got me a groupon to Go Ape, which is a ropes course that we have been wanting to do. We will wait until it warms up. My folks gave me a new purse, neck warmer (I have used this a lot is fantastic), headband that covers your ears (I love these) and some new socks that are supposed to improve your feet---circulation, etc. They also gave us some goodies for our 72 hour kit. We finally have a source to heat our food/water. They also gave us a gift card to Amazon.

We had turkey for dinner since we didn't have it for Thanksgiving. We talked to our families. Thank you for all the fun gifts.