Monday, November 6, 2017

Half Marathon

Saturday morning I ran another half marathon. My friend ran it, but she is amazing and beat me by 6 minutes. I finished in 1 hour 51 is good for me. I got 4th in my age group. It was warm for me. We started at 60 degrees and by the end it was in the low 70s....with the sun. I never run when the sun is out. Better then freezing cold  though!

Aaron brought the kids at the end, so they cheered me on at the very end.

I walked around for a couple minutes, said bye to my friend, then we headed over to Dylan's basketball practice. They had a parent meeting, so I had to sit down for an hour--that was not fun. Blake had his practice Friday night--but Dylan's will normally by on Tuesday night and Blake's will be Thursday. They both really like their teams and are really excited for the season.

Post Halloween

The day after Halloween I had  to go to work, so I dropped off the kids at school and  then ran to Walmart to check out their sales. I scored some great deals. Got some cool costumes and also this fun haunted house that we put together later that night.

Small world--the teacher that I taught that day is good friends with the family who we bought our current house from. I got to hear some fun stories.

Happy Halloween

Our pumpkin---it's a ghost--pretty awesome huh?

That day for lunch I met up with some friends. It was fun...and tasty.

Getting ready to head over to the Neumann's house.

It is our tradition to go with the Neumann's and their neighbors. 

Blake, Dylan and Beckett sprinted from house to house..they did not wait for the girls. They got sooo much candy.

Every year this family decorates their golf cart. It was Jurassic World this year. I was talking with them for awhile telling them how much I look forward to this every year. It is so creative.

Their loot!!

Parent Teacher Conferences

October 30--the boys had the day off of school for parent teacher conferences. I was able to talk with Blake's teacher at 7:30 and then Dylan's teacher at 8---this way we could have the rest of the day to play.

Blake had been the Superhero student. He had to fill this out and it was up in the 3rd grade hall. One of the things that I love about Texas is that he can write that Jesus is his hero. 

Update on Blake at school--his teacher is a tough grader I learned, but he was struggling a little in the begining of the year with his creative writing so we worked on it at home. Well, he has improved a little in this, but she has found out that he is fantastic at writing with exploratory writing (non-fiction) writing. So she is working on him with that, building his confidence by showing how good he is with that. He is really, really good in math. She showed me the district assessment tests and the questions that every kid got wrong...except Blake...he got them right. She adores Blake and loves that he wants to learn. Once again, we feel blessed to have a great teacher for Blake. There are a lot of good teachers at this school, but I sure feel like Mrs. Gullickson is a great fit for Blake. 

Update on Dylan--well, his teacher said it, "Dylan isn't just a little bit above the class...he is a lot above the class." She is impressed with his reading and math. He knows how to add and even subtract (some subtraction) without counters. She also said he is great in science. She said that she wished she had 22 Dylan's in the class because then she could skip to class every morning. There is one kid in the class that is a pain--my words, not hers. They have had to pull in the assistant principal or principal almost every day. I don't know why parents think it isn't okay to well, parent their kids and make the schools try to teach the kids discipline and how to behave. Anyway, I feel bad for her, so I told her to send stuff home with Dylan for me to work on--cut out, etc. She has to spend a lot of time helping this friend. Anyway, Dylan is doing great and this was a shocker for one of the fastest kids to get unpacked, or packed or get to the rug for circle time. I feel like he is slooooow sometimes, but apparently he is the Flash compared to these friends. Kindergarten teachers have so much patience!! We are so grateful for Mrs. Robinson. We loved her with Blake and we love her even more now!

Once I got back, we headed over to the park since we don't get to go very much anymore. We saw some friends there too.

We also went to the library, carved our pumpkin, worked on Dylan's homework and then went over to dinner at our friends' house, the Wright's for dinner. They are new in our ward and they are pretty amazing. Their oldest is 17 and youngest is 4. They are CPAs and she is a her.

Last Day with Grandma and Gramps

Sunday--the boys had their primary program at church. They did great. Alec, a young man who my parents knew on their Ohio mission who showed up at our church a couple months ago looking for them, drove down from Oklahoma to come to church with them and then came over to our house after to have food and then headed back to OK. 

Gramps decided to "sing" the boys a song.

We took some pictures and then took them to the airport. We sure love it when they visit. I think it will be especially hard for the boys to not see them for a little over a year, so it was great that they were able to come out for this visit. Thanks for coming!

Happy 6th Birthday Dylan!

Saturday was Dylan's birthday! 

I had a half marathon the following weekend so that day I planned on running 13 miles. I woke up and it was 30 degrees outside. It was just 85 degrees a couple days previously. What?! No good. I'm going to blame the chilly weather and the fact that I run in the pitch black...on the fact that I totally fell down. I scrapped my hands and elbows and knees really good. This happened at mile 10. Don't worry, I finished all 13 miles. 

After breakfast--he wanted cereal, eggs and turkey bacon. He was the only one who are cereal--that kid could totally eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then he opened his gifts.

He got this cool motorcycle from Uncle David.

We got him some Guardians of the Galaxy figurines.

My folks got him these Imaginext toys and some others.

Rocket Raccoon had to take the motorcycle for a test drive.

Aaron's folks sent him some money and my Grandma sent him some money. 

Thanks everyone!

We played, then ate lunch, then went to Dylan's final game. It was chilly.

I've said it before, but we love Coach Ryan.

We came home, played some more and Aaron made Thor's hammer. I wasn't going to pay $20 for this at the store, so I found this idea. I think it turned out pretty good.

Then we headed over to the movies to see The Ninjago Lego Movie. We came home, changed and headed over to the church for our trunk or treat. We have Thor and Storm Trooper--in case you can't figure it out.

Then we came home and had Dylan's birthday cake.

Happy Birthday bud! We are so happy you are in our family. We love you!

Birthday Meals

Thursday my parents and I went to the movies. That night they took the boys to IHop and Aaron and I went to dinner by ourselves.

Friday--Dylan really wanted McDonald's for his birthday lunch. We went to school and had lunch with him. I also had to be there to take pictures because it was super hero day.

Then we stuck around to have lunch with Blake too. Can you was chilly that day.

And no surprise, Dylan wanted to go to Hutchins for his birthday dinner. No one objected to this.

Lucky's Loop

October 23--my dad just loves to do projects around the house when he comes, so we didn't want him to get bored. I bought a microwave a couple weeks previously so we installed it. We also got some outdoor lighting that my dad installed. We checked out some sprinkler issues too. 

After school I took Blake to the ortho to get his mouthguard trimmed while Grandma and Grandpa watched Dylan. We had dinner and then went to Dylan's soccer practice.

October 24--I had to go to work, so my parents went shopping. My dad needed a new suit for the mission. They had success!

October 25--The boys had their fundraiser where they run and ask for pledges. I am on the yearbook committee so I had to go to take pictures anyway. Most of my pictures are on my other camera. Blake went first. He did awesome. He is a good runner!

We went to Home Depot, ate some lunch and then came back for Dylan's run. He did awesome too! It was also their Red Ribbon week so they had to wear sunglasses that day to school. Dylan got these cool glasses from his party from Nolan. They light up--they are pretty cool.

These guys watched both kiddos run...what dedicated Grandparents!

After school Grandma and Grandpa took Dylan birthday shopping and I took Blake to cub scouts.