Thursday, April 12, 2018

First Hail Storm of the Year

Last Friday we had our first hail storm. During the day it was really hot--I went and got mulch and trimmed the front yard and put mulch down...I was sweating because it was in the 80s. Then the storm came after dinner. The hail got to be the size of a golf ball, but I didn't get that picture.

Soccer games were cancelled the next day because we had so much rain so we tried to do some yard work, but it was with the wind, 14 degrees. Crazy temperature drop huh? We went to home depot to get more mulch and to the kids workshop.


Last Thursday was one of my little kid's last day of school. Her family was moving to Korea for work for 18 months. Her mom is so sweet and brought some jewelry and some donuts from the Donut Kitchen--one of my favorite places. We each took a piece of each donut. They were all yummy. 

Happy Easter

The boys woke up excited for Easter. The Easter bunny always send them on a treasure hunt and has them start their hunt by finding their basket in the garage...they went there, but the easter bunny played an April Fools joke on them. Haha...that Easter bunny.

We ate cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast. We watched conference, played some new games and then got dinner ready.

The Neumann's and the Stott's (Aaron's cousin) came over for dinner. Then we had an Easter Egg hunt and  then a yummy dessert. The temperature dropped 40 degrees in just a couple was nuts. We had fun though.

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

Dying Easter Eggs

Saturday we didn't have any soccer games. We dyed our easter eggs.

Bad Weather Day


We had another busy week. I was finally released from my calling the Sunday we got back from CO, but I was asked by a couple of people to help with the transition. I finally went to my last meeting on april 8--almost a whole month later. 

Anyway, Friday was a bad weather makeup day and since we had no bad weather days, we had the day off of school. Blake and I went to the eye doctor for our check up. We then went to Home Depot to get my dad his birthday present. The boys thought these riding mowers would be a great gift.

They went grocery shopping with me too.

After lunch we went over to the Neumann's to play. 

After dinner, we had the babysitter come over while we went to the temple with some friends. 

Busy Busy

That week back was busy. You always need a vacation after a vacation right? Friday night we went to an open house for our friends' kid who got married a couple months ago in Utah. We showed up and the groom wasn't there. Super weird, but we found out why a couple days later. Sad story. Yep, I am leaving it at that.

Saturday Dylan had a soccer game.

Then we went to a birthday party for a birthday party. It looked like a wedding, but it was a 2 year old birthday. It was so cute.

My folks sent the boys some books for Easter. They love, love books so they thought this would be better then candy.

Sunday night Blake was asked to give his testimony at the Great to Be 8.

Spring Break Day 7

Friday morning we went on a hike, since there actual mountains in CO. We went up Lookout Mountain. We hiked up to the top and saw where Buffalo Bill is buried.

We did not take the correct trail coming down. The trail wasn't marked so we guessed and we were wrong. It was steep and there was ice in parts. We did make it down.  Then we went back to the house and had lunch. I went for a run (it was super windy). Later Meesa's gang came over and we played some games.

We had such a fun time. It is always nice to catch up. Thank you for letting us come and play!

The next morning we drove home. The kids did great on the drive back, but it was long...and then we hit some traffic because of construction and then a little fire on the side of the freeway....but we made it.

Spring Break Day 6

Thursday we met our friend, Jenn at the park. Jenn was one of Aaron's co-workers in CA. She is wonderful and we became good friends with her. She moved to Virginia and then England and just a few months ago moved to CO. When we were planning our trip out to CO we wanted to visit with her because it had been a long time since we had seen her. We hadn't met her kids and she hadn't met Dylan. She had watched Blake a couple of times when he was a baby.

Here are the boys--Jay and Cooper. Her hubby was in Spain for work so we didn't get to see him.

Here is the gang...minus Amy who is taking the picture. The kids had fun together and we had fun catching up with Jenn.

That night for dinner we went to Cafe Rio because they have them in CO. Then we went over to Trevor and Meesa's. We chatted and the kids played pool for the first time. It was kind of funny to see them play, but they had a blast.

Spring Break Day 5

Wednesday we were back at A Basin, but today we went skiing all together. We started on the bunny hill.

Then we thought they were ready to go on the bigger bunny hill where we needed to go on a lift.

They did fantastic. Aaron and I were a little nervous about how this day would go. We obviously wanted them to have a fun time, but you never know. We saw plenty of kids just crying and miserable. 

We were so glad that we put them on school to learn the basics. They told us that it was fun at school, but they were glad to go the 2nd day because they could actually ski. I know I am their mom, but they were so cute in their snow clothes skiing. Super adorable. 

Crazy story. Aaron was on the lift already with Dylan. Blake and I were about to get on the lift when a kid jumped off the lift. It was high enough where we were like, "What?!" His pole fell, which was actually his mom's pole. I told Blake that you never jump off the lift, I don't care what it is that falls off--nothing is worth it. It was nuts. Luckily he wasn't hurt.

The boys wanted to try to go down the mountain--go on their big ski lift.

They were such studs. They made it. Aaron lead the way and the boys made their big  turns right behind Aaron. Although when we made it to the bottom they said, "that was long, my legs need a break." So we took a break and then were back at it.

At the end of the day it was getting pretty warm, so Aaron went and did some runs while I played with the boys. They wanted to play in the snow because there was no snow in the city..only on the mountain.

We had walkie talkies so Aaron told us when he was coming down the last run and we watched him come down.

They had their snowballs ready though and attacked Aaron.....but Aaron sprayed them with snow with his skiis as he stopped.

So the next time they got lots of snowballs ready for the next run.

On our way home from our whole trip we asked them which day was their favorite was this day and I agree. It was such a fun family time. I was so proud of them for trying something new and working so hard. They did such a great job!

On our way back to Amy and Gregg's, we dropped off our skies and then stopped at the grocery store to get some gatorade because Dylan had a little bit of a headache.