Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Track Meet

Saturday we went to the track meet. It was near Dallas, so it was a drive. Dylan had his 50 first.

He got 4th place.

They didn't have enough people to do the 4x100, so next up was the 100.

Dylan got 1st. He was super excited.

Blake did great.

They decided they didn't want to do the 400, but they wanted to do the 200 instead. The problem is we had to wait even longer. Here is Dylan waiting.

They both did fine, but you could tell they were just drained. It was so hot and humid.

They both work really hard and push through and have a strong kick. 

We then went to the church bookstore since it was 5 minutes and got a new scripture case for Blake.

Then we came home and swam for a little bit and then went over to Meg's house. Meg is one of Aaron's co-workers who moved into the neighborhood next to ours. Her daughter is in kinder too, but she had a different teacher then Dylan. They swam and played while the adults talked...and we all ate. I think they were pretty shocked at how much our kids can eat. We had a great time!

Sunday at church we got a new counselor in the Bishopric since the one is moving to be a professor at BYU-I. Our new counselor is Dave Campbell....we are friends with them. Their oldest son, Caleb, is friends with Blake. We also happen to minister them so we hang out a bunch. He is going to be awesome.

Fun at the Park

Friday we went on a bike ride to the park.

We saw this going on at the school.

Doing something to the trailers. They don't waste anytime. 

We then had the Neumann's over to swim. We swam for about 3 1/2 hours. They left a couple days later and will be gone for 3 weeks.

Last Day of School

June 7 was the kids' last day of school. They had a big party--we are talking bounce houses, pizza, snow cones, etc. Dylan told me that he did not want to go home early that day. Haha. I didn't go to the party, but instead I went and did some shopping...last time without kids.

I picked them up from school. Dylan's teacher gave him this pillow case. I had gone in the week before to help them with this. It was a long project, but I think it is really cute and the kids love them.

They also came home with their final report card. They both did really well. Attached to the report card was their assessments. They totally rocked their tests! 

Track practice was cancelled because a bad storm was coming. We had a bad storm 3 days in a row. Our lawns liked it.

Anyway, summer is here.

Dylan's Kindergarten Graduation

Last Wednesday, June 6, Dylan had his graduation ceremony for Kindergarten. Blake's teacher was in attendance because her daughter was in Dylan's class, so I talked with her for a bit and she convinced me to go to Blake's class and get him so that he could watch. He had said earlier that he didn't want to come, but I thought it would be good to support his brother. I walked to his class and who was the sub? Our Bishop's wife. Blake came...until they announced Dylan's name, then he went back to class because he didn't want to miss anything. 

All the kids walked in with their class. There are 5 classes and they all have about 21 kids. One of Dylan's good friends, Jake, is behind him in this picture. Dylan loves his pictures taken.

Here are all the kindergarten kiddos. Dylan is the tip middle row because he is the 2nd tallest. The tallest is a girl in his class and her mom is super tall.

Dylan's other buddies sat by each the red is Lucca, then Cannon (by the way Blake told me at the graduation that his parents got a sad. I ran a half marathon with her. Anyway, I got the skinny later on). Max and then Hudson.

Ms. Bragg, the principal retired at the end of the school year. The Assistant Principal is the new one. Ms. Bragg spoke for a couple minutes and had the kids make a heart saying they love us for supporting them.

Dylan with Mrs. Robinson. We are so sad to not have Mrs. Robinson again. She is great and extremely patient.

Here is our graduate! Of course he wanted to go home after the graduation. So, I took him to the pool with some other moms in the ward.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blake's Scriptures

For Blake's 8th birthday, Aaron's folks bought him scriptures. We got him a case. He was so excited to have them, but then about a month later we were driving home from church and I realized that Blake didn't have his scriptures, so I asked him about it. He realized he forgot them at church. Aaron was still at church, so I called him and had him look in his classroom, but he couldn't find them. I called his teacher and asked if she had picked them up, she said she hadn't, but would call her husband who is in the Bishopric and have him look in the lost and found, etc. Well, nothing. We go to church during the week for cub scouts and look everywhere at church for them...nothing. At church the next week the primary presidency finds out about it...the word is out. In the meantime, Blake is praying super hard that he will get them back. Every time we go to church--for scouts, for cleaning, for church, etc....we look for the scriptures. We thought it was weird for the scriptures to just disappear because well, we are at church so people should be a little honest right and turn them in. Oh well, we kept looking. We might have teased Blake periodically for losing his scriptures. This made him pretty sad because well, he is actually a pretty responsible kid.

Sunday morning I get a text from Amy Stott, who is Aaron's cousin who is in another ward that meets in our building. She also is in the primary presidency so she was in the primary room (they are the first ward to meet in that room for that day and we are the last). The text said, I have Blake's scriptures. I'll put them on the back table in the primary room. I texted back and said, "NO WAY!" I told her that they have been lost for a year, etc. I was so worried that they would get lost again, so I asked her if she could hang on to them and I would pick them up from her house...she said sure and was totally shocked that they had been missing that long. I told Aaron, but we didn't tell Blake. We decided we would pick them up on our way home from church and Amy was fine with that. So after church we start heading to Amy's house and Blake asks where we are going. I tell him that I need to go to Amy's house real quick. Well, Blake isn't okay with that response...what are you getting? why do we need to get it now? I don't tell him anything, just that it won't take long. We get to the house and the kids are all excited to see one another, then they give Blake his scriptures (minus the case). He got a big smile. (Note: he didn't seem as excited as I thought he would be so I asked him on our way home and he said that he figured it out on our drive over that we were getting his scriptures..what?!). Amy tells us the rest of the story. She was in the primary room and picked up a garbage bag that seemed empty, she thought it was pretty heavy so decided to look and see what was in the trash bag and pulled out scriptures. She then noticed the name and thought, oh, I know Blake....and  then texted me. Is that amazing or what? We don't know where those scriptures have been for the last year. Coincidence that the one person who decided to look in that trash bag is one of the only people who know Blake in that ward? Nope! We told Blake that his prayers were finally answered...even if it took a year. We told him that it was important for him to have that set of scriptures.

Let me tell you, this kid has those scriptures in his hands since then (except for when he is at school). When we got home from Amy's house we had dinner and told Blake that he should say the prayer so he could thank Heavenly Father for answering his prayer. He said, no, I want to say that prayer on my own later tonight. Monday morning he came down for breakfast and told me to come upstairs, so I did and he showed me some cool stuff that he read his scriptures. He read them when he woke up. The funny thing is that we read scriptures as a family in his room every night so there are plenty of scriptures in his room. Obviously they aren't as cool as his own set though. 

Prayers are answered and Blake was the happiest boy Sunday! 

Track Meet #3

Saturday morning: I woke up a little after 4am to run and look at my phone, it is already 80 degrees. I knew it was going to be "fun" at their meet. We got there just in time for Dylan to run his 50. He got 3rd. He actually got 2nd, but they gave him a 3rd place ribbon...they are volunteers.

Then they ran their 4x100. Dylan ran the 2nd leg.

Note: last week, we applied and reapplied sunscreen, but their shoulders still got burned, so we had them wear a shirt under their uniform. They would be hot regardless..better to not be burned.

Can you see Blake? He ran the 3rd leg.

The 100...Dylan went first.

Blake was later. They both did great. The problem was that kids kept coming in their lanes and at this age, they don't disqualify kids and my kids are too passive, so they slow down a little.

Then the 400. Dylan hates the 400. I feel his pain. He was done after this.

The Blake did the 400. This is actually his best event, but it was just too hot and it had been too long of a was 1pm and we got there at 8:45am.

Our track team does have tents for us to sit under, which we did. We also saw Kaeler, which is one of Blake's friends from his soccer team and who is in his class this year. His mom and I are friends and wanted to do the same track team, but they wanted to do the team in the neighboring city and I was lazy and wanted to do the team in our city, where practice is 7 minutes from our house.

We also saw some friends from church. Their daughter is older, so she does the hurdles and for a different team.

We came home and did haircuts and then went swimming. Our pool was 91 degrees. Folks, it doesn't hit that until August. It still felt amazing.

Also this week I went to a girls night out and they told me about a High Fitness Class the next morning. Since I wasn't working, I decided to go check it out because it was free. So 2 of my friends from church were there and it was pretty awesome. Such a good workout. I did do my regular run in the morning and workout video. The instructors said that this is a good enough workout that you don't need to run. Um, clearly they aren't runners.  I ended up going to the class Thursday night as well, after walking for an hour during track practice. My step count was pretty high. 

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we went to the park with our ward for our ward Memorial Day breakfast. We do this instead of a 4th of July breakfast because it is way too hot on July 4 and because a lot of people are on vacation then. Well, this year we have hit really hot temperatures early, so it was hot. Our cold weather lasted longer then normal and then we hit our hot (like July/August) weather early...middle of May. We are in for it this summer.

The breakfast was yummy and then the kids played at the park. We went home and watched a movie and then went swimming and a BBQ.