Monday, May 22, 2017

Blake's Field Day

Friday, May 19 was Blake's Field Day. It was from 8-11am. Dylan and I got there at about 8:30 and I wasn't sure how long Dylan would last. We got there and he saw them going down these awesome slides. He got in line with Blake and went down. He participated in everything....except one because they didn't have enough time for him to get a turn. He totally fit in. He stood in line with the class and walked with them to the next area. Blake's classmates were great with him too.

Dylan, Blake and Kenny. Kenny was actually the most awesome with Dylan. He is such a good friend.

There were a lot of parents at the event. It is a big event! So, I got to catch up with a lot of people and talk with Ms. Brewer a lot and pick her brain on some things.

Beau's brother is the other sibling who joined the class.

That night the boys played with the chalk bomb that Dylan got from school.

Blake didn't want me to check him out of school early, he didn't want to miss anything. 

What a fun day! They were worn out.

Dylan's Last Day of Preschool and Pack Meeting

Wednesday, May 17: Dylan had his beach day at school where he did some really fun water activities. I didn't go because Aaron was actually in town so we went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as our last hurrah before school was out. 

Thursday, May 18: Dylan's last day of preschool. I got everything done that I needed to so I was able to catch some of his party.

Dylan's favorite school friend is Nolan, so I made sure to get his mom's number so they cane play during the summer.

Ms. Cherie was able to come for the party. They made scrapbooks of the kids. They are so cute. It also has them write their name each month so we could see the progress. What a great idea.

Ms. Kim and Ms. Cherie. Dylan had such a great year. His teachers were amazing! Ms. Cherie told me as we were saying good bye that she is not worried at all about Dylan going to Kindergarten. She said he is totally ready. I agree!

They each brought 12 summer fun items and then exchanged them so they came home and checked out their goodies. Chalk, jump ropes, sunglasses, chalk bombs, water bottles, etc.

We grabbed Beckett from his class and I wanted to get a picture of  the 2 outside of school. It was sunny this day.

So we got a cute one under the shady tree.

Next year Beckett will still be in preschool and Dylan will be in Kindergarten.

That night we had pack meeting. It was the first one that Aaron was able to make. Blake did  the flag ceremony and here he is in the skit.

One of our boys earned his Arrow of Light. Our scoutmaster and cubmaster (husband and wife) make these. Aren't they amazing?

The boys tied knots with rope licorice and then they threw knots...or tried. The gathering activity was playing kickball. Kids verses adults. I think the dads had the most fun.

There was a tornado watch so we had a couple people not attend, but guess what?...No tornado. Not even a drop of rain. 

As a side note, we had chance of severe rain every day this week. We had outdoor activities every day this week, so every day was a little stressful. It rained at night--sometimes really good rain and sometimes a lot in the morning, but it always cleared up for the activities so everything was able to go on as scheduled. So grateful!

Dylan's Preschool Graduation

May 16--Don't you just love May? It is such a busy month. Tuesday I had to go to the scout store to get the awards for pack meeting, help Aaron pick out some new glasses and get the teachers gifts ready for Dylan's teachers. 

It was my turn to take Blake and his friends to soccer practice that night, so Aaron brought Dylan to school for his graduation and we met them there.

The kids sang some songs and talked about things they learned in chapel.

Then each kid received their diploma. Amy (director of the school), called them up.

The kids then said what they were going to be when they grew up. Dylan said he was going to be a police officer. 

Some other responses--spiderman, super hero...along with vet, doctor, teacher and love this one, a normal mom.

Then they hugged their teachers...Dylan's class just hugged Ms. Kim since Ms. Cherie resigned.

Then they walked out and we met them in their classrooms.

Our preschool grad.

Dylan with Ms. Kim.

The boys.

Blake has never played on Dylan's playground before because he is always at school, so we they played for a little bit. I think this was their highlight of the evening.