Friday, July 7, 2017


Thursday we went to the doctor to get stitches out. The doctor who put them in told us he could get them out in 7-10 days. Thursday was day 10. Our doctor look at them and said it wasn't yet healed and we would have to wait until Monday. I told him that we leave Tuesday for our trip which included a cruise. We are praying that it will heal. I questioned the whole 10 days and he said that it usually is more like 2 weeks to heal. It is possible for cut to heal on someone who stays off it and take it easy, but we all know that Dylan doesn't take it easy. Our doctor also noticed that it was a really deep cut. Dylan was really sad because it meant no more swimming for even more days. He is certain that he will get them out on Monday. The doctor did take 1 of the stitches out...the one that looked the best, so he is down to 4 stitches.

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